What are LVT design floors? - mFLOR

mFLOR offers two types of LVT floors, mFLOR 20-02 and mFLOR 50-05. The difference lies in the product backing.

mFLOR 20-02

mFLOR 20-02 floors are thin PVC strips with a thickness of 2.0mm and a 0.2mm thick wear layer.

These design floors are bonded to an even surface, so that the floor is completely fixed. This makes the floors more than suitable for general domestic use.

mFLOR 50-05

mFLOR 50-05 floors are 5.0mm thick and a have a 0.5mm thick wear layer. Due to the thickness and weight of the product, combined with the anti-slip layer, it stays in place perfectly when bonded to an even surface.

The ideal solution for all demanding floor applications, like on raised floors.