Product features - mFLOR

mFLOR floors have many positive features that ensure years of pleasurable use from a beautiful, safe and trouble-free floor.
It provides a sound basis for a pleasant interior.

  • Strong

    mFLOR floors are extremely strong and have an indestructible wear layer. This means that the floors will last for years, even with intensive use.

  • Water-resistant

    PVC floors are water resistant. Not only is this helpful for cleaning, it also makes the floor suitable for all rooms – from offices to living rooms, from kitchens to toilets and bathrooms.

  • Quiet

    mFLOR floors help ensure favourable acoustics. This is because of the elastic properties of PVC, which minimises footfall sound.

  • Stable

    By choosing the best raw materials, mFLOR guarantees a quality product without the need for additives. It is not only safe, but also 100% stable.

  • Warm

    Our floors have insulating properties that make the floor feel pleasant to the touch. The floors are also highly suitable for underfloor heating and cooling.

  • Recyclable

    All our floors are durable and fully recyclable. Moreover, the production process used for our LVT floors takes environmental impact into account.

  • Comfortable

    mFLOR floors not only feel pleasant temperature-wise, they are also comfortably soft on the feet.

  • No permanent pressure spots

    Because mFLOR floors are resilient, no permanent impressions are left in the floor. Heavy furniture or stiletto heels are no problem whatsoever.

  • Scratch-resistant

    mFLOR floors are scratch and stain resistant. This makes life easier when something falls on the floor.

  • Quality guarantee

    mFLOR guarantees that its floors will last a good long time – up to 20 years!