mFLOR offre due tipi di pavimenti di design: Dryback e Loose Lay. La differenza risiede nel metodo di posa.


Dryback floors are thin PVC strips or tiles with an average thickness of 2 or 2.5mm. These design floors are bonded to an even surface, so that the floor is completely fixed.

mFLOR Dryback 20-03

These LVT floors are 2mm thick and have a 0.3mm thick wear layer. This makes the floors more than suitable for intensive domestic use, but also for light commercial applications where use is more intensive than in residential homes, such as hotel rooms.

mFLOR Dryback 25-05

These LVT floors are 2.5mm thick and have a 0.55mm thick wear layer. This makes these floors suitable for intensive project-based use where large numbers of people walk on the floor, such as shops, schools, restaurants, public buildings and shopping centres.