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Authentic Parva Oak XL

The Authentic Parva Oak XL combines the timeless herringbone pattern with a modern twist. The herringbone pattern adds character to any room and the XL herringbone strips, which are approximately 25% larger than the normal Parva herringbone collections, create a contemporary look with a sense of space.

Like all other Authentic ranges, Authentic Parva Oak XL has an extra touch, namely Natural Touch ‘in register embossing’; a perfect interplay between the surface texture and the design. You see the knot, you feel the knot!

The Authentic Parva Oak XL is available in 6 beautiful oak shades, known from the other mFLOR and Solcora Oak collections.

The extra-large Authentic Parva Oak XL herringbone is also available in regular herringbone strips (Parva Oak), as a Hungarian or Viennese point (Parva Oak Chevron) and in extra-long strips, also with Natural Touch (Authentic Oak XL).