Safety and well-being - mFLOR

Enjoy a healthy indoor environment

We spend much of our day indoors. A healthy indoor environment is therefore very important. We guarantee a fresh and pleasant indoor environment, without headaches or unpleasing odours caused by emissions. Our floors easily meet all strict safety standards.

All our products are certified with the ‘Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold’ from Eurofins, an independent, internationally renowned test laboratory. The allowed emission values are much lower than in any other national standard. Here too, mFLOR far exceeds these strict standards. Choose peace of mind.

Well-being and hygiene

The protective wear layer of mFLOR floors repels house dust mites and other allergens. The floor is water-resistant and easy to maintain and clean, so no aggressive cleaning agents are required. A floor from mFLOR therefore increases the feeling of well-being while preventing or reducing allergies.

Acoustics and temperature

Unlike cold materials such as natural stone and tiles, our design floors feel comfortable at the feet. mFLOR floors help to reduce and absorb footfall sound. The resilient material offers pleasant acoustics and the right degree of warmth. They are also highly suitable for underfloor heating and cooling. It makes a difference to every room.