Solcora Silence collection - mFLOR

Click & Go!

Solcora floors are rigid core vinyl floors with a strong click connection  and integrated underlay for optimal comfort and a quick and easy installation. Selected mFLOR collections are available as Solcora flooring.

A floor covers a large area, making it the mood enhancer for any room. By choosing Solcora, you choose natural-looking designs and the highest quality materials.

Our state-of-the-art production techniques allow us to apply the most intense colours and deep, accurate structures. Solcora floors are therefore almost indistinguishable from real wood or stone.

Solcora is Silence and is all-in-one. For extra comfort, all Solcora collections have an integrated underlay. As a result, Solcora floors achieve a sound reduction of ΔLW 21 dB, ideal for apartments.

This is how Solcora combines all the comfortable advantages of LVT flooring (like mFLOR) with a quick and easy installation. The ideal flooring solution for every living and working environment, click & go!


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