Design - mFLOR

An mFLOR floor for every style and taste

Trends vary from season to season. A timeless look is essential to the design process of our floors, so you can change your interior according to tastes and trends. All patterns are designed, developed and produced by mFLOR itself. This makes each floor unique and exclusive. We combine these patterns with state-of-the-art production techniques, allowing us to apply the most intense colours and deep, accurate textures.

Nature as a source of inspiration

We see endless variations of colour and patterns in nature. No two trees, stones or plants are the same. This is a basic principle behind the designs of mFLOR. No two strips are the same, and by shifting the design and the colour variations, we create a natural floor that is indistinguishable from the real thing. A unique pattern without repetitions – you see it, you appreciate it.

Feel the difference: Natural Touch

mFLOR’s Natural Touch technique is also known as ‘In Register Embossing’. This means that the surface texture of the floor exactly matches the pattern. You can both see and feel the knots. We call it Natural Touch. All mFLOR ‘Authentic’ collections have this Natural Touch. Moreover, the Authentic collections come in two different patterns. For the most natural colour variations and pattern gradients. This really is the most authentic design floor.

Vary with size

From regular wooden strips, to extra-long and wide variants, to amazingly large tiles: mFLOR floors are available in various sizes, depending on the pattern. Are you looking for creative freedom? The mFLOR Parva collections offer a unique format that, among other things, means they can be laid in the popular herringbone pattern. Everyone can create a floor with their own design and identity. The possibilities are endless.