The Parva Plus range is has proven to be very succesful. Creative floors with a herringbone pattern are very popular. Therefor mFLOR has chosen to expand this range with two new colours.

The Parva Plus collection was launched with four attractive colours at the size of 60.96 x 11.43cms (total thickness 2.5mm)  with a 0.55mm wear layer. mFLOR introduces two new colours in the Parva Plus range to complete colour aplette of this range, the Pure Sycamore ( 40822) and the Grey Sycamore (40828).

All six Parva Plus colours are also available in the Broad Leaf range on the size of 121.92 x 22.86cms, to offer you even more options to create your own, personal floor.  Combining the Broad Leaf strips as a border with the Parva Plus herringbone pattern gives a very nice result!

Check out the new colours now: