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A sustainable society – you want to do your bit. You have solar panels on your roof, sometimes you eat less meat and you tend to cycle instead of taking the car. In short, you’re trying to live sustainably. When your floor needs replacing, you would like it to be a sustainable floor. At mFLOR we understand that, a mFLOR also stands for sustainability. But how can PVC, which forms the basis of our LVT floors, be sustainable? Allow us to explain.

We can live more and more sustainably

People increasingly add extra insulation to their homes or use solar panels or solar boilers to harness the sun’s energy. Others are looking more closely at their energy consumption by using a smart meter. In short, living is becoming more sustainable. It’s a trend that is growing not just all around us, but inside our homes too. We are making more and more sustainable choices indoors as well as out.

LVT, the sustainable floor

PVC, which forms the basis of the floor, is a plastic and that might not sound very sustainable, yet mFLOR and Solcora floors are definitely sustainable. One of the biggest advantages of our floors is their long life and, as long as no new flooring is produced, no new raw materials are used. How sustainable is that?

The high quality and wear resistance ensure an extra-long service life. The floor stays beautiful for a long time so you can enjoy it over many years. Hence, we guarantee it for up to 25 years. mFLOR and Solcora LVT floors are easy to keep clean and their minimal heat resistance makes them ideal for underfloor heating with optimal efficiency. Recycling the floor is of course even more environment-friendly. Solcora click flooring can be taken with you when you move house or can easily be recycled.

Conscious choices

When producing a sustainable floor from mFLOR or Solcora, we make conscious choices. Every detail is carefully considered and contributes to the floor’s quality and appearance. One such detail is the choice of pure, A+ quality PVC. By choosing high-quality raw materials, we know exactly where they come from and what their properties are. This means we are able to guarantee that there are no harmful substances in the floor such as toxic plasticisers (phthalate-free), and emissions are kept to an absolute minimum. So your home stays fresh, safe and healthy.

This automatically means that our floors are fully recyclable. By choosing the purest raw materials, we know for sure that our floors do not release any harmful substances into the recycled products that are made from them. In this way, we contribute to a world with products free from toxic substances.

LVT floors are also thinner and lighter than, say, laminate or parquet. This means that a lorry can carry more LVT flooring, thereby minimising energy costs and emissions during transport.

Certificates and standards

mFLOR stands for quality. With this in view, we ensure that all our sustainable floors carry independent certificates confirming their quality with regard to sustainability and safety. Our factory has achieved ISO-14001 certification, which means that production has no (adverse) effect on the local environment. The Eurofins Indoor Air Certificate Gold confirms that our floors meet the most stringent emission requirements. mFLOR also meets all the requirements defined by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). According to its Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) system, our products are suitable for all possible applications. Not only do they meet the requirements for interior applications, they even satisfy the stricter standards for items such as toys and childcare products that can be put in the mouth. You could literally eat off our floors.

Live sustainable with mFLOR LVT flooring and Solcora LVT flooring.