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A well-known department store has set the tone for Scandinavian interiors in the Netherlands. What characterises this style is the rigid design, the simplicity, calmness, geometric shapes and the use of materials with a natural appearance. All these are the ingredients for a design with clean lines yet suggests warmth. The use of colour in this interior style is limited to light tones, such as white, light grey and pastel colours. The latter is used to keep everything as natural-looking as possible while still adding a splash of colour. The use of material is simple: the bare wooden look is sufficient for furniture, floors, walls and sometimes even ceilings.

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Background: mFLOR Grand Stockton Oak Withins (12111)

If you find all those natural tones a little too understated, you could add accessories with familiar geometric prints. These could be cushions, posters or wallpaper. By choosing these in bright colours, you can add colour to your interior without risking a clash of styles! There are now also many options available for floors. The alternatives to standard plain wooden floors are not only stylish but also offer advantages. As well as keeping in warmth and being easy to care for, the various laying patterns and colours can also form a surprising starting point for your Scandinavian interior.

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