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PVC click flooring, also known as click vinyl floors, have gained considerable popularity in recent years. They offer an excellent alternative to traditional flooring such as wood, tiles and laminate. With their durability, style and mainly ease of installation, PVC click flooring is an attractive choice for home or office environments.

Easy installation: Click and Go

Another great advantage of PVC click floors is their simple installation process. Unlike traditional floors that sometimes require complex and time-consuming installation, click floors are designed to be easy to install. The click system makes the floor easy to put together, without glue or other special tools. This makes it a suitable option for DIYers and professionals alike.

PVC click flooring can also be installed in larger areas without any problems, and when moving house you can simply dismantle the floor and take it with you. An additional advantage is that the integrated underlay absorbs most unevenness in a screed, so the floor can be laid even faster.

Ease of maintenance: less worry, more enjoyment

PVC click floors require little maintenance to maintain their beautiful appearance. Regular vacuuming and the occasional damp cloth are usually enough to keep the floor clean and fresh. Thanks to the protective top layer, these PVC floors are resistant to stains and spills; you won’t suffer permanent damage any time soon. Also special care products are available for maintenance, ensuring the floor stays virtually like new for even longer.

PVC click flooring is soundproof

PVC click flooring can also have a positive effect on the acoustic comfort of your room. It absorbs sound and thus reduces noise levels, which is especially important in flats or multi-storey houses. Our click flooring also has an integrated underlay, which is extra sound-reducing, they offer 21 dB sound reduction and are therefore extremely suitable for use in (new-build) flats.

Water resistance: A smart choice for wet areas

Another great advantage of PVC click flooring is its excellent water resistance. This makes it suitable for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture and water spills are common. Unlike wooden flooring, PVC click flooring will not warp or be damaged by moisture, making it a smart choice.

Comfort and warmth with PVC click flooring

Unlike cold tiled floors, PVC click flooring feels warm and comfortable, especially when combined with underfloor heating. This makes them perfect for rooms where you like to walk barefoot, such as the bedroom or living room. And the big advantage is that all the PVC click floors in our collection are suitable for use with underfloor heating, even electric versions.


One of the biggest advantages of PVC click flooring is its extraordinary durability. These floors are designed to last, even in areas with heavy use. The top layer has a wear-resistant coating that resists scratches, stains and everyday wear and tear. This keeps the PVC floor looking like new for years, even in high-traffic areas such as the hall, kitchen, living room or office.

Versatile style options

PVC click flooring is available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Whether you want to recreate the warm look of wooden planks, seek a modern concrete look or want a unique pattern, there is always a floor to suit your taste and interior. In addition, these PVC floors are available in different sizes, giving you endless possibilities to create a floor that perfectly matches your vision.

We even offer a unique collection of PVC click flooring in herringbone format, making this popular type of flooring also available as PVC click flooring.

A smart investment for the future

PVC click flooring is a durable, stylish and practical choice for homeowners and business users alike. With their impressive durability, versatile style options and easy installation process, they offer numerous benefits that add to the value and comfort of any room. Consider PVC click floors for your next flooring project and enjoy the many benefits they have to offer.

At mFLOR, the click floors have a special name: Solcora by mFLOR. This is an extensive collection of click floors, with both planks, tiles and herringbone formats. And of course with a super strong click system and a 2.0 mm thick integrated and sound-reducing underlay.