Authentic Hervik: Feel the nature of Norway - mFLOR

‘Kos’ is Norwegian for having a good time

When you think of Norway, you think of majestic fjords, breathtaking landscapes, the Northern Lights and picturesque fishing villages. Norwegians themselves think ‘Kos’ is the most important and means ‘having a good time’. ‘Kos’ is all about warmth, kindness, caring, being together and laughter. It stands for spending quality time with each other.

Hervik fjord

mFLOR brings the warmth and cosiness of ‘Kos’ inside with a beautiful new collection inspired by the breathtaking Norwegian nature with endless pine forests. Named after the Hervik fjord in the south of Norway, the Authentic Hervik with its rustic pine wood design is a valuable addition to the mFLOR collections.

Genuinely rustic

With the rustic pine wood design of the Authentic Hervik, you deliberately choose a distinct floor. The natural colours bring a charm to any room and the beautiful pine wood patterns add extra texture.

A floor in pine creates serenity and timeless class, it is a sought-after choice for an inviting and stylish interior. The floor is perfect for Scandinavian interiors but also fits beautifully in an industrial setting, for example.

The large and wide 150 x 23 cm strips in come in 6 beautiful, natural colours. Besides calm light shades, the collection also includes some beautiful, darker colours that give a room a fine and warm feeling. The collection is produced with a double film, i.e. 2 unique designs per colour. This creates a greater variety of strips.

Feel the ‘Natural Touch’

All mFLOR collections have a beautiful embossing, but like all other Authentic ranges, the new Authentic Hervik has an extra touch, a ‘Natural Touch’. With this ‘in register embossing’ technique, the surface texture follows the design exactly. This ensures the most natural experience; you see the knot, you feel the knot!

Authentic Hervik
Dimensions: 150 x 23 cm
Thickness: 2.5 mm
Wear layer: 0.55 mm
Pack quantity: 10 strips / 3.45 m2

With its versatile character and timeless elegance, Authentic Hervik is not only the perfect base for any interior, but also a tribute to the natural beauty of Norway.

Successor to Authentic Plank

The new Authentic Hervik is the successor to the long-popular pine design of the mFLOR Authentic Plank collection, but in larger strips (150 x 23 cm instead of 121.92 x 18.42 cm) and with a contemporary design. With the introduction of the Authentic Hervik, the Authentic Plank collection will be limited to 3 colours, the fading colours will be gradually phased out.

Remains in the collection:

  • Mocha – 81011
  • Shade – 81015
  • Ferne – 81031

Out of the collection:

  • Verde – 81013
  • Sylvian – 81014
  • Dolche – 81027
  • Glenn – 81032
  • Sartor – 81033