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Design Hotel ‘The Florian’ is housed in a former office building from the 1990s. During the transformation from a boring office building to a design hotel, sustainability played a very important role. The architect, also interior designer and furnisher, kept as much of the existing building as possible and only added sustainable materials. ‘We added a design layer of carefully chosen functions, materials, furniture, lighting and atmospheres. We wanted to create a timeless interior that would still be relevant in 20 years’ time and would therefore be sustainable as a whole.

They chose mFLOR 25-05 Parva Oak 41215 Apulia as their sustainable floor. This herringbone floor with a luxurious, modern look and classic twist fits in perfectly with the timeless design of the interior.

The Florian: A hotel created for millennials

The special design hotel was created especially for millennials and their characteristic wishes and desires. The young owner dreamed of a hotel where he himself would want to stay. An unconventional place for Young Professionals and Urban Nomads, where the design of the public areas would receive as much attention as the design of the rooms.

In the transformation to a hotel, the emphasis was on informal meetings and communication on the one hand, and on the other hand, the cosmopolitan luxury hotel feeling of days gone by.

A total of 700 m2 of mFLOR Parva Oak 41215 Apulia was used in the lounge, meeting room, Club House and hotel rooms. The ‘luxury’ of this luxury vinyl floor comes into its own and helps to determine the hotel’s own unique character.

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Workshop of Wonders – design interiors: Architect, interior designer and decorator
Photos: Jaroslaw Rodycz –

The Parva Oak herringbone collection is also available in Hungarian point (Parva Oak Chevron). The colours from this collection are also available in strips of 150 x 23 cm (Authentic Oak XL) and as a Solcora click version with integrated underlay in strips of 121.92 x 23 cm (Solcora Oak). So it’s easy to vary formats and laying patterns!