New mFLOR look & feel - mFLOR

mFLOR floors are high quality design floors, in every aspect. LVT floors from mFLOR consist of several layers. mFLOR makes conscious choices for each layer to offer a high quality product. Every detail has been carefully considered and enhances the quality and appearance of the floor.

mFLOR has now also updated the look and feel of the brand, to match the quality of the products even better. This shows in a new website, but also in a completely new brochure!

mFLOR, Sense of Living

Choosing a floor with both your heart and your mind.

At mFLOR, we deliberately opt for sustainable, reliable and safe design floors – for your sake and for the environment. We combine natural designs with the highest quality materials, allowing you to create an attractive and practical interior. All the convenience of LVT floors with an appearance that is indistinguishable from real natural stone or wood.

A floor covers a large area, making it the perfect mood enhancer for any room. It is the part you are least likely to change for quite a while. When you choose a floor, choose wisely. Choosing mFLOR is a choice for comfort. These floors are strong, quiet, warm and light on maintenance, with a natural appearance. Sustainable and safe for a responsible future. mFLOR allows you to create a space that you experience with all your senses.

Stimulate your senses with mFLOR
  • See

    Vea los dibujos más bonitos, como si fueran naturales. No se pueden distinguir de la madera o piedra de verdad.

  • Touch

    Feel the natural textures with ‘mFLOR Natural Touch’.

  • Hear

    Experimente la acústica acogedora y el agradable sonido de las pisadas.

  • Smell

    Disfrute de un clima interior fresco y seguro gracias a unas emisiones mínimas.

  • Taste

    Deguste el ambiente que podrá crear con el suelo. mFLOR, sensación de vivir