Create attractive rooms with zoning - mFLOR

Regular readers of interior design magazines will have noticed that the fashion for having one large open space is declining somewhat, with homes being increasingly divided into separate areas. The garden room and kitchen are separated from each other as in the past, but not usually with closed doors. Large glass doors are currently the trend and divide a large area into more intimate spaces, also known as zoning or interior landscaping. This means that the traditional ensuite room is back, but with a new look.

These ‘separate’ rooms invite you to choose different floor coverings. But zoning can also be used in an open space. By using different floors, you can easily demarcate a room, matching the appearance of the floor to the function of the zone. For example, you could have a stone effect floor in the kitchen and a wood effect floor in the living room, then use tiles from the Abstract collection to create the appearance of a rug in the sitting area. By combining different collections or laying patterns, you can create spaces with very different looks, without having to take different product characteristics into account.

The advantages of LVT

A LVT floor has a pleasant, warm feel, it dampens noise and is very wear-resistant. The floor is suitable for use in various rooms – even the bathroom and kitchen, as the floors are water and stain resistant. A LVT floor also goes perfectly with underfloor heating, resulting in a highly efficient combination!

Think outside the box!