Luxury and grandeur with herringbone XL - mFLOR

Herringbone flooring has been extremely popular for years. The short, narrow floor strips in an perpendicular installation pattern have become synonymous with a classic yet modern and luxurious look. The pattern harks back to 19th-century Paris with its wide boulevards and stately apartment buildings. In these apartments, the herringbone pattern and also the Hungarian point were frequently used.

Under the name Parva, mFLOR offers various LVT floors in smaller strips, ideal for installation in a herringbone pattern. That the installation pattern has a long history does not mean that innovations are not possible, and mFLOR is coming up with something new, we introduce the Parva River Oak XL: a herringbone pattern of extra-large strips.

Big statement

The XL herringbone strips are about 25% larger than the familiar mFLOR Parva herringbone collections. Due to the extra size, the strips create an impressive interplay of lines in the floor and the beautifully wide strips give any room extra ‘body’. So choose Parva XL if you want to give your room some extra grandeur too.

Famous colours

The Parva River Oak XL is available in 6 contemporary colours, known from the existing mFLOR and Solcora River Oak collections. The subtle, oak design with beautiful colour nuances forms a perfect basis for all your interior design ideas.

Of course, the Parva River Oak XL also has the same extra-matt finish as all other mFLOR and Solcora floors, for that real-wood look, but with the benefits of a low-maintenance LVT floor.

With the arrival of the Parva River Oak XL, the River Oak range can rightly be called the most the versatile flooring. The mFLOR and Solcora River Oak collections now comprise a total of six size and thickness variants. The creative possibilities are endless; the River Oak will always fit you.

Parva River Oak XL
Size: 74.93 x 15.24cm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Wear layer: 0.55mm
Pack volume: 36 strips / 4.11m2


The extra-large Parva River Oak XL herringbone is also available as a normal herringbone (Parva River Oak), in 2.0mm thick large strips (River Oak) and in 2.5mm thick, extra-long strips (River Oak XL).

In addition, the range is also available as Solcora Parva River Oak (normal herringbone) and Solcora River Oak (large strips). Both collections are 7.0mm thick and feature a strong click connection and a 2mm thick, sound-absorbing underlay.