Creative patterns: Viennese point - mFLOR

Installing your LVT floor in a straight line is a much-chosen option, but there are many more possibilities. Besides the popular herringbone pattern and the luxurious Hungarian point, there is also the calm Viennese point. Give creativity free rein and create a unique floor.

The classic herringbone pattern with short, narrow strips installed perpendicular, has been popular for many years and the varied pattern in a beautiful wood look instantly adds atmosphere to any room. With the Parva Oak Chevron collection, mFLOR offers an attractive alternative. These strips have angles of 45 degrees and so you can easily create the luxurious looking Hungarian point. This pattern has beautiful symmetrical lanes, which are quite narrow because of the deliberately chosen ‘sharper’ angle. This accentuates the length of a room.

Viennese point

But in addition to the Hungarian point, you can use the Parva Oak Chevron strips to create another installation pattern, the so-called Viennese point, which resembles a flattened herringbone pattern. With the Viennese point, the strips are installed at an angle of 135 degrees, a lot less sharp than the 90 degrees of the herringbone and Hungarian point, which gives a calm and subtle look. The lanes in this pattern are much wider, so this type of floor fits very well in larger, wider homes, such as detached houses and large apartments.

The Viennese point is still a little less known than the Hungarian point, but this is slowly but surely changing. The pattern can even be found on the cover of the latest mFLOR brochure. It is a particularly nice alternative when you are looking for a different pattern than a herringbone floor and you find the pronounced style of Hungarian point too clean.

Vary and combine

mFLOR has different collections available in various formats. Because the colours of the collections are similar, they are excellent to combine with each other for even more inspiring possibilities. A floor in herringbone, Hungarian point or Viennese point, for example, looks even better with a wide border along the wall of large, straight strips in the same colour and design and as a finishing touch you can add a feature strip for a clear separation.

Vary patterns, combine formats and create a unique floor. mFLOR offers enough variety for a floor in your own style, the creative possibilities are endless!

mFLOR variants

The colours and design of the Parva Oak herringbone (60.96 x 11.43 cm) are similar to the Parva Oak Chevron (80.01 x 13.34 cm) and to the extra-long strips of the Authentic Oak XL (150 x 23 cm), which also features ‘in register embossing‘.

The standard-size herringbone Parva River Oak (60.96 x 11.43 cm) is also available as extra-large herringbone Parva River Oak XL (74.93 x 15.24 cm), in 2.0 mm thick, large strips of River Oak (121.92 x 22.86 cm) and in 2.5 mm thick, extra-long strips of River Oak XL (150 x 23 cm).

The Parva Broad Leaf herringbone (60.96 x 11.43 cm) is identical in colour and design to the Broad Leaf collection (121.92 x 18.42 cm).