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mFLOR International B.V. (“mFLOR”) greatly appreciates your visit to our website at www.mflor.nl or www.mflor.com (“Website”). This disclaimer includes a number of rules governing the use of this Website. By using the Website you are deemed to have consented to the application of these rules. If you do not wish to consent to these rules, you are explicitly required not to use this Website.

Any information provided on this Website concerning mFLOR is solely designed to present visitors to the Website with general information about mFLOR and the products which the latter supplies.

Although mFLOR naturally exercises the greatest possible care when preparing and maintaining the information provided on this Website, it cannot guarantee that this information is always entirely correct, comprehensive and up-to-date. As such, the relevant information is provided as is (this is to say,“in the condition in which it is found”). Although mFLOR also does its utmost to ensure the security of this Website, it is impossible for it to provide an absolute guarantee in relation to such security.

Many components that may be found on this Website (including text, photos and videos) are subject to intellectual property rights (such
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The text, drawings, photos and videos of projects and products published on this Website are protected by copyright. Partly in view of this, the following rules apply in relation to the use of this Website:

  • no trademark or brand name held by Endesign or mFLOR may be used (or arrangements be made for either to be used) without either’s prior written consent, nor may any component of this Website be copied electronically or in any other way except where and only to the extent that this is necessary for the purposes of consulting this Website for one’s own personal use and of availing oneself of any services offered through it;
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This Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites which fall beyond mFLOR’s control. Different terms and conditions stipulated on such websites may apply in that respect. mFLOR shall not be responsible for the content of such pages (or their use).

Except in the case of a deliberate act or omission, or wilful recklessness on the part of mFLOR or Endesign, under no circumstances shall either be liable for any direct and/or indirect loss (which is deemed to include consequential loss, loss of earnings or income, a loss due to the disruption of business and/or the loss of any data) which is suffered as a result of or in relation to the use of this Website.

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