Enjoy the silence with Solcora Silence LVT click flooring - mFLOR

Solcora Silence is all-in-one. The advantages of high-quality LVT flooring, the convenience and speed of installation of click flooring and excellent sound reduction due to the integrated 2 mm thick underlay. With the introduction of the Solcora River Oak and the update of the Solcora Authentic Lake, the entire Solcora range is now Silence.

In our busy and noisy environment it is increasingly difficult to find true silence. We are constantly distracted; traffic noise, loud music, our phones constantly scream for our attention. But silence is very good for you. It reduces stress and tension, stimulates the renewal of brain cells, you become more creative and you can reflect better. PVC click flooring from Solcora by mFLOR helps you find the peace and quiet you desire.

Favourable acoustics with PVC flooring

PVC flooring is resilient and, due to the surface structure, sound is reflected less easily than with other types of hard flooring. At the same time, the footfall sound is minimized, creating favourable acoustics. Solcora Silence has an integrated underlay, which completely minimizes footfall sound. With Solcora PVC click flooring you can really enjoy the Sound of Silence.

Solcora Silence

Two years ago, the Silence series was launched with the introduction of the Solcora Silence Oak. The integrated underlay of 2.0 mm thick IXPE foam not only absorbs small irregularities in the screed, but through this underlay Solcora Silence achieves a (TÜV-certified) sound reduction of ΔLW 21 dB.

Due to the success of the Solcora Silence Oak, we decided to make the complete Solcora range Silence. Shortly after the introduction of the Solcora Silence Parva River Oak herringbone and the updated Solcora Silence Nuance tiles in concrete look, we now introduce the new Solcora Silence River Oak and updated Solcora Silence Authentic Lake. The Solcora range is now complete.

River Oak

The mFLOR River Oak series is one of the most successful mFLOR series. The luxurious oak design in 6 contemporary colours, delicate wood grain and subtle colour nuances and thus radiates the peace and warmth. The River Oak transforms every room into a place where you feel comfortable. These collections are now also available as Solcora Silence. The Solcora Silence River Oak measures 149.2 by 23 cm, is 7.0 mm thick (including the 2 mm thick underlay), has a 0.55 mm wear layer and a pack of 6 strips is good for 2.06 m2. The Parva River Oak herringbone version measures 60.96 by 11.43 cm.

Authentic Lake

The Authentic Lake collection has 6 beautiful colours in a tough, oak design. This Authentic collection features ‚Natural Touch‘, the surface structure exactly matches the design; you see knots, you feel the knots. The Solcora Silence Authentic Lake has an integrated, sound-reducing underlay and replaces the existing Solcora Authentic Lake collection. The strips are 149.2 cm long and 23 cm wide and (including the underlay) are 7.0 mm thick. They have a wear layer of 0.55 mm and a pack of 6 strips is good for 2.06 m2.


Solcora Silence is all-in-one and combines the advantages of LVT flooring with the convenience of a click floor. Warm and soft on the feet, simple to clean, quick and easy to install due to the strong click connection and wonderfully quiet due to the integrated underlay. Solcora Silence is click and go!