Floors for every requirement

Glued floors 20-03 

Our mFLOR 20-03 ranges combine the practical benefits of a LVT floor with an ultra-natural appearance. The floors from the 20-03 ranges are 2 mm thick and feature a 0.3 mm-thick top layer. This makes these floors suitable for use in all living environments, but also for use in slightly higher footfall projects such as hotel rooms. The floors are strong enough to withstand intensive use and offer a high degree of convenience, such as a pleasant footfall noise and being easy to care for. We offer a choice of 32 different wood designs in the 20-03 ranges.

Glued floors 25-05

Our mFLOR 25-05 ranges offer just that little bit extra in addition to beautiful, comfortable and high-quality floors. The floors from the 25-05 ranges are 2.5 mm thick and feature a 0.55 mm-thick top layer. This makes these products suitable for use in large-scale construction projects, such as in shops, schools, restaurants, public buildings and shopping centres. It is also possible, of course, to lay the 25-05 ranges in your house or home office. As they are suitable for intensive use, you will enjoy many more years of use in a less busy environment! We offer a choice of 147 wood and tile designs in the 25-05 ranges. This extra-strong floor has a high level of durability and is easy to care for, making it the ideal solution for intense-use environments.

mFLOR Loose Lay

mFLOR Loose Lay is the solution to install LVT design floors without using levelling compound and adhesive. The weight and thickness of the product, together with the special backing, guarantee a solid performance.

mFLOR Loose Lay is available in strips/wood designs and in tiles/stone design.

Fits perfectly in the circular developments in buildings and in environmentally friendly interior designs.


  • Suitable for very demanding applications
  • Quick installation
  • Stays removable; so no damage to the subfloor
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and cooling
  • Circular product: can be used again and again