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An industrial-style interior cannot be defined as one particular look. Rather, the intention is to think beyond those defined boundaries. The characteristic large, open spaces combined with the use of rough, robust materials and visible ‘irregularities’ such as pipework and masonry are typical of this living style. This look uses natural colours, but then in a slightly different way. You might see anthracite with a marbled effect, bottle-green, petrol-blue or cognac. In an industrial-style interior, you often find coarse materials used, such as steel, concrete, leather, stone, iron and wood on walls and floors. An industrial-style interior can therefore appear rather cold, but that can easily be remedied by using alternative materials that look the same as the original, but without the downsides. An example would be LVT floors with a concrete look; soft and warm, but at first glance indistinguishable from real concrete.

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Living style tip

Keep it spacious. An industrial-style interior is inspired by factory architecture, and the purpose here was primarily practical use. To get this living style exactly right, you should therefore choose understated colours and large, robust and sturdy objects, and keep things simple.

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