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Shiny stainless steel and leather combined with rigid, straight lines and plenty of black, white and grey. Look familiar? These are the most common features of a modern interior. This clean-cut living style often uses luxury materials such as chrome, oak and natural stone. The phrase ‘less is more’ is often used to describe a modern interior and this is why smooth materials such as leather, glass and plastic are used. In addition to the effect of rigidity, these materials also provide contrast and create optical space. Colours remain light and modest, with the exception of accessories such as a painting, a box or a fruit bowl. The condition, however, is that these accessories are all exactly the same colour.

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Living style tip

By adding soft materials, it is easy to make the generally minimalist and rigid interior appear more welcoming. These might include an attractive carpet, adding a sofa with organic shapes or a fitting a softer floor. For the latter option, let yourself be inspired by the mFLOR LVT floor ranges. Thanks to a design that stays true to nature and the smooth surface, the floors fit perfectly within a modern interior. The soft and easy-care material increases living comfort significantly.

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