Warm floors for a classic look

The classic interior exudes a warm and dramatic atmosphere. It could also be described as stately, thanks to the height that is so typical of this style. Height can be especially emphasised by fitting panelling, which could be made of upholstered material, wood or a similar plastic product with a natural-looking finish, such as LVT, as long as it is in keeping with the classic living style. Ornaments, chandeliers, mirrors, floor coverings, paintings, large items of furniture and a mantelpiece form a cohesive whole in the design of the space. Warm colours and materials are used, such as Bordeaux, pine green, aubergine and earth tones ranging from beige to gold. The floors primarily feature marble, French oak or cherry in combination with highly decorative carpets. Curtains made of thick velour or velvet reach down to the floor and wallpaper features a decorative pattern. Busy, yet balanced; that is how the classic interior could best be described.

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Living style tip

The classic interior complements the rural living style. By combining both styles, you can create your ideal living style. Make it more understated and more neutral by adding rural-style accents, or indeed busier and warmer by taking more inspiration from the classic look. Mix and match as much as you like!

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